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High yield hydroponics

Interested in indoor gardening?

If it can be grown in soil, it can be grown faster and more efficiently with hydroponic equipment. Translated literally to mean "the water does the work", a hydroponic system constantly transmits state-of-the-art nutrients directly to the roots of your plant while you control the amount of light it receives. Improve your yields by controlling the environment from the lights to the PH levels of the nutrient mix to the temperature in the room. Hydroponic systems bring gardening into the 21st Century.

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Advanced Gardening in Nottingham have lots of experience in the field of hydroponics and are always on hand to answer your queries. If you need some help getting the right PH level for your plants, or choosing the right blend of nutrients, give us a call. A little tweak in the right direction goes a long way.

Don't make lots of trips to secure the equipment and accessories you need, make one call to Advanced Gardening in Nottingham and our team can assemble your order and have it ready for collection or delivery. Our location in the quiet Carlton Business Centre means you can be sure you have us all to yourself.

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