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Hydroponic equipment

Everything you need to grow plants indoors

Our climate means that we're restricted when it comes to growing plants outside. Even the greenest fingers and the most efficient greenhouse can't overcome the problems some plants face when it comes to sufficient light and variable temperature. When you grow indoors, you control those variables directly.


Advanced Gardening in Nottingham stock everything you need to set up or upgrade a fully-fitted indoor growing area for your plants of choice. Whether you want to start out with a basic bulb, ballast and tank, or want to go for something considerably more involved with extraction equipment and reflective material, we supply the full range.

Grow room essentials

Hydroponic lighting - bulbs & ballasts

  • Inert substrates

  • Grodan cubes and trays

  • Clay pebbles

  • Canna Coco

  • Pest control

  • Fans, filters and ducting

  • Mylar, Black/White and other reflective sheeting

  • Propagators & Clonex rooting gel

  • Magnetic and electronic ballasts

  • Metal halide bulbs in a wattage to suit your needs

  • Dual spectrum high pressure sodium (HPS) bulbs

  • Shades and protectors to ensure even light distribution

Contact Advanced Gardening for our full range of indoor growing equipment and consumables.

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All equipment ordered from Advanced Gardening in Nottingham can be collected from our premises or delivery can be arranged to a location of your choice. Call today to discuss your options.

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